Preview - Critical Millennium: The Dark Frontier #2

For my money the only "milliennium" worth a damn is the Millennium Falcon. It did the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs! Archaia has their own answer to the "millenium" moniker and while I doubt it can do any runs nearly as fast as the Falcon it should still be cool nonetheless.

Critical Millennium: The Dark Frontier #2 hits stores September 1 and is written by Andrew E. C. Gaska and illustrated by Daniel Dussault. The 40 page book will be $3.95 follows Thomm Coney and Eryc Kartoneas testing an experimental engine. This engine is called the Blackstar drive and it utilizes miniature black holes to catapult vessels to other worlds. Meanwhile, in the slums of the Ghost Quarter in New Bombay a man called the Wraith has risen to power, organizing the Ghosts into a terrorist regime looking to kill those with their eyes on the sky.

Check out some interiors after the jump.