Review – The Iron Saint TBP (#0-4)

Ever been at the office responding to emails when you suddenly found yourself wondering, “Why is it so damn hard to leave organized crime once you are in?” Wait, you have? Seriously? You need to focus on your work. In any case, if you have it is usually because you either owe them something or you know too much. Top Cow has brought us another great title with Iron Saint, written by Jason Rubin with art by Francis Manapul and Joel Gomez, and in this case it is more the former than the later.

Basic background of what is happening is this. There was a great war and one of the main technologies during the war was the creation of rOid. Essentially a serum used to create super soldiers, in the aftermath it has been prohibited by the government, making controlling anyone juiced up a major power play in The City’s three new powers. The Government, The Order and The Syndicate. Enter Michael Iron, the first rOid 4.0 user, and the most deadly man in The City.

Iron, however, is betrayed by another Syndicate member who wants his position. The Syndicate is lead by a ruthless man named Big Daddy. Big Daddy states the law, and the law is written in a book by the mob lawyer and becomes irreversible. The Order is run by the high priest Cardinal Kelvin. The Government is simply what it says it is and the most prominent player we find in this TBP is Mayor Flaherty’s righthand man Detective Manetti. Manetti REALLY wants to bring down Iron.

Eventually on the hit gone wrong where Iron is betrayed, we meet Angel Chase. Iron tries to stop the betrayal by Joey Petunia and in the process suffers some brutal injuries. Because he tried to help, Angel Chase has her friend Dr. Lubicus rescue him. Iron lost an arm in the fight, but luckily for him the good Doctor replaces it with a ridiculous mechanical arm.

What follows is a story arc of Angel Chase trying to avenge her family’s brutal killing at the hands of Joey Petunia and The Syndicate, while Iron tries to clear his name and help her out at the same time. The art has lots of bright colors and cartoonish large goons and mobsters. The ladies are sexy and the brutality of some of the fights can be pretty awesome. Hmmm…what example could I give? How about, one guy loses his jaw getting punched? Yes, that will do.

Just when it appears that Iron has gained the upperhand something new always comes along. As with any technology, why stop with 4.0 when you can go higher? The stakes are set, and I really hope this title returns for another arc because I absolutely loved this TPB. It had a compelling story with lots of twists and turns, characters that are cool and really seems ripe to continue.

If you aren’t sure check out the interiors below, and then hit up your local store and look for this book there.