Review – Witchblade #137

After our review of the interesting one-shot we are back to the regular series with Witchblade #137. With the conclusion of the Almost Human arc and Aphrodite IV’s capture to tie in to the Artifacts event, Sara is back in New York having failed to prevent the aforementioned cyborg assassin’s mission. With that she resumes the daily grind as one of New York’s finest.

We are introduced in this issue to Abby, an art student in California who is visiting New York and really enjoys the Met. While there she is drawn to a room that is closed to the public, but in particular to a sacrificial knife. Of course a naked guy bursts into the room and kills himself with the knife. Abby passes out and wakes up to the prodding of Sara Pezzini, who is investigating the case. Why was Abby drawn to that knife in particular? Perhaps it is because she has a demon inside of her! This is Witchblade after all.

Read on after the break for some more details and some interiors. By the way, I think I might have passed out too if I had witnessed someone killing himself in such a brutal way.

Sara begins to question young Abby – who looks a lot like Finch, Dani Baptiste, aka The Angelus’ girlfriend – about what had happened. Abby has an intuition that she can trust Sara and asks her if they can speak in private. Once alone, Abby tells Pezzini the whole story including the fact that she is a necromancer. Fun fact! Oh, she also mentions that the demon inside her is named Mali.

Ever see the show Pushing Daisies? Well Abby can kind of do that, only in Witchblade it is a little…less aesthetically pleasing. The dead man explains the sacrificial blades unique connection to him and why he killed himself with it. Well when Abby touches the blade Mali makes a return and he is a beast of a demon. When Pezzini intervenes he even mentions that he has encountered artifact bearers before and seems unimpressed. Abby has apparently been training with someone named Locke, and she has some pretty vicious moves and abilities at her disposal. Even Pezzini is impressed.

While this doesn’t appear to be a mini-arc or anything I have a feeling Abby the Necromancer may appear in some upcoming issues. I could be totally wrong but Marz seems to have a plan for everything happening right now across the Top Cow Universe in conjunction with Artifacts. If that doesn’t happen, she is certainly a very cool character that I wouldn’t mind seeing in future issues. As always the artwork and writing are top notch, and if you don’t believe me just check out the promised interiors and you will.