Solicitation - Killing Pickman

What do you do if you're a homicide detective coming off the arrest of your career? Celebrate with a nice dinner? Go out for a few drinks? Maybe kill the arrest you just made? I mean, actually KILL him? That's the dilemma facing William Zhu in the aptly named Killing Pickman.

After catching Pickman, excavating his basement reveals horrors that include the bodies of children mutilated in bizarre satanic rites. Seeing something like that would, justifiably, inspire you to kill the suspect instead of seeing the trial through to the end. Pickman's rituals were actually sacrifices to a demon that has granted Pickman something close to immortality, meaning Zhu's plan may not go over as expected.

Killing Pickman Collected Edition Hardcover is by Jason Becker and Jon Rea. The 144-page book hits stores this November for $24.95.