Solicitation - Top Cow Bible Addendum #1

With all of this Witchblade, Darkness and Magdalena stuff going on it's safe to say that Top Cow subtly incorporates religion into their works. I'm not saying they're religious comics or anything, but there is a sort of religious aspect to the stories. This works out well, especially when they release the Top Cow Bible Addendum #1 as a "scripture" for all things Top Cow to come.

The addendum is a compilation of all Top Cow writers and artists (affectionately called "Top Cow's Finest") and features over 25 new properties and series overviews. This includes art from Marc Silvestri, Dale Keown, Kenneth Rocafort, Jeffrey Spokes, Erik Jones, Jorge Lucas and many more. The book debuted at Comic-Con and hits stores November 10 for $5.