Stan Lee's Message

Quiet out there. Stan Lee's talking about his new comics with BOOM! Studios. Watch the video (or read the transcript) after the jump.

"Face front, true believers! It's been a long time since I spoke directly to my friends in the comic book retail world, but I got to tell you, I have some very exciting news and I just felt I had to share it with you personally.

I've been thankful for over your years because you are the most important link between creators and our loyal readers.

So, that's why I 'm reaching out to you directly to ask you to try three great new ongoing books that we're launching this fall.

You may have already heard, I've been working on some new super heroes with my pals over at BOOM! Studios. (I love that name.)

Now fan favorite Paul Cornell is writing SOLDIER ZERO, which ships in October. SOLDIER ZERO is a living alien weapon and he's fused with an astronomer from Earth, and he quickly learns how to survive by being hunted by both worlds.

My pal Mark Waid is writing THE TRAVELER, now that launches in November. And THE TRAVELER has incredible powers over time, and you'll be amazed as he learns the secret of his own past and his future!

Third, we have a talented newcomer Chris Roberson. He's writing STARBORN, and STARBORN begins in December. He discovers he is a prince from an alien empire and the fate of our entire Galaxy hangs on his incredible destiny.

There's action, there's mystery, romance, and heroism! The stories and art, take it from me, they're terrific, and this is an opportunity for you to introduce a whole new generation to the magic of superheroes.

But you got to join me—I can't do it without you!


-Stan Lee