Top Cow TPB Bonanza

Hello there everyone. I have only one question for you: do you enjoy Top Cow’s various comics and titles? I know, I do too. This is why I’m happy to announce the release of three TPBs from their universe that give you the perfect opportunity to catch up on several amazing titles that have been released. The books hit stores last Wednesday (August 4th) and are available now.

The titles in question are Impaler (Vol. 2), Berserker (Issues 1-6) and Cyberforce/Hunter Killer (Vol. 1). I’m not even sure where to begin in describing these three series. We have two works that stand alone in their own universe, and one that ties into a number of titles in the Top Cow Universe. We have vampires that actually make you cringe and fear them the way it ought to be. We have a tale of ultimate warriors with the blood of ancient warriors in their veins. Finally we get a look at the circumstances that drew CyberForce and Hunter Killer to combine forces against a greater evil. If you enjoyed Velocity’s recent debut in a standalone title, she is definitely here.

I enjoyed all three titles for various reasons, and if you are curious to learn more please continue after the break and I’ll delve a little deeper into all three of these titles.


Remember when vampires were actually something to be feared and not just creatures that ran around with no shirts on suffering from teenage angst? Perhaps you enjoyed 30 Days of Night (either the comic or the film) and want your vampires to be terrifying. Look no further than Impaler. Vampires have been unleashed and are simply seeking to blot out life in the United States. This plague of undead appears to have been unwittingly released by ambitious archaeologists on a dig (why can’t we leave ancient remains ALONE?!? Did The Mummy teach us nothing?)

William Harms, Matt Timson and Troy Peteri created/wrote, drew and lettered this fantastic volume where vampires seem to turn to shadow as they approach. As often is the case, a well placed headshot is your only friend; well that or a sword strike. Vlad Dracula is helping the human race fight the vampire menace and has chosen an ex-cop named Victor to help him. The issue contains brutality, bloodshed and plenty of despair. Overall, were vampires to be real, this is what I expect it would actually look like. The art, mentality of the characters and look and feel of this book do a fantastic job of showing that madness.

Not convinced…fine…check out the interiors below and then apologize to me in your head and go pick up this book.


The Berserker TPB contains issues 1-6 of the title including a sneak peak at Issue 0 that fills in some of the background regarding one of the main characters. We’ve been reviewing these titles since issue 1 and a quick search can catch you up to date on the goings on. Just to avoid being repetitive a quick overview should suffice. Two ancient organizations are vying to control a group of warriors known as Berserkers. They have the ancient blood of Norse Vikings and become super soldiers when enraged. It appears that two new individuals have awakened their powers, and both organizations want them.

The names of the individuals are Farris Jorn and Aaron Bural. Rick Loverd and Jeremy Haun write and do art on this extraordinarily brutal series. Limbs are regularly used as weapons and guns are not going to be enough to bring these guys down. The first arc charts their journey towards an eventual showdown, and the collateral damage that shows itself along the way.

Fans of sheer brutality and constant action will enjoy this TPB, and I expect more great things to come from Loverd and Haun in the future on this title. Want a taste? I would too, check out the interiors below.


This title has Mark Waid writing, Kenneth Rocafort on art, colors by Sunny Gho and lettering by Troy Peteri and contains the first five issues of the series. This details the original combining of these two rather deadly groups as they battle Cyberdata, an organization that specializes in creating superhuman fighters.

With a complex cast of characters, the title has the feel of a more traditional comic with superheroes you’ve probably seen before in other titles. As I mentioned earlier, Velocity is an ever-present part of Cyberforce along with many other members. In a time when so much of Top Cows stuff is pretty original and different, it's nice to see this comic as more of a throwback to some of the stuff you’d see in the 90s.

We have traditional heroes with varying powers working together to combine in interesting ways. The difference is these were granted by an evil corporate technical entity rather than through random genetic mutation. The relationship between the two teams that has been established will be interesting to follow in the future. If you’ve ever been curious about the series or the goings on of either of these teams of soldiers check out the interiors below, and then go pick it up in stores.