Dark Horse Brings Back Mighty Samson

Dark Horse has recently been on a tear with reviving old Gold Key classics through a partnership with the publisher. So many that they decided they should add one more: Mighty Samson. The book came out originally in the early 1960s and was the flavor of the month in a sense as it was about an apocalyptically ravaged Earth. With a focus on N'Yark, Samson was a barbarian who lived in said desolation.

In Mighty Samson Archives Volume 1 HC, writer Otto Binder is joined by artists Frank Thorne and Jack Sparling in reprinting the first seven comic books from the original 1960s Mighty Samson series. The hardcover chronicles Samson learning he is a mutant and being taught by his mother to value life. It works out well because Samson vows (on her deathbed) "to protect the weak from the powerful, the good from the evil."

The book is currently available for preorder for $49.99.