Darkstalkers/Red Earth Manga

The Malleus Maleficarum is widely regarded as the classic Catholic text on witchcraft. It was ultimately condemned by the church but was still widely used during the witchhunt craze of the 15th to 17th centuries. Why the history lesson? Well, it makes the title of the upcoming Darkstalkers/Red Earth manga crossover make much more sense.

Darkstalkers/Red Eart: Maleficarum is written and drawn by mami Itou and includes five short stories from across the Darkstalkers universe in addition to a four-chapter tale featuring the sword and sorcery of Red Earth. Morrigan fights the wolfman Talbain, the devilish Jedah confronts vampire lord Demitri, the heroic lion-man Leo quests to cure his cursed body and several more fantastic tales populate this manga.

The book goes on sale October 13, 2010 and you can preorder it on Amazon. Interiors after the jump.