Defense with the BoomPick

Another work week has begun and know I am already looking forward to the weekend. Fortunately though we get some new comics coming out tomorrow that are sure to distract you and get you through the rest of the week. If you can manage to put down Halo: Reach for a bit and make it down to a comic book store, you are sure to find a good number of comics to pick up. For today I'm going with a comic that tells the tale of lovable crew doing what they can to survive. What other crew could I speak of but the Serenity crew with their comic Serenity: Those Left Behind #1.

Now this three issue series has come out in the past and even had a hardcover book as well, telling this story for the Serenity crew that fills in the gap between the short-lived, but freaking awesome TV series and the movie. Why are they bringing it back you ask? Well Dark Horse comics is presenting the first issue yet again at a special price of one dollar. You can’t beat a deal like that for a comic beyond free, but a dollar is a solid price to pay for a great comic that will leave you wanting to read the others. Go pick this one up tomorrow and jump back into the world of Malcolm Reynolds and his crew on the Serenity.