Defense with the BoomPick

Monday's behind us with the rest of the week and weekend ahead. Right in the middle happens to be tomorrow, chock full of new comics to break up that work week monotony. There are people in this world that everything they do in life is all about getting paid. A mercenary is one of those people, who loves to get paid to do what they do best, which in this case is kill, assassinate or do some downright no good stuff that gets the job done. My pick today is a story about some of those mercs coming from Image Comics Skullkickers #1 shown by the variant cover above.

Skullkickers is about two mercenaries involved in an assassination plot of epic proportions that will test their mettle in getting the job done. What makes this job so much different than any other that has come before it is that it has all sorts of foes the likes of which they have never encountered. With all manner of evil magic, ancient and undead creatures going to be thrown in their way these two mercs are going to have a fight on their hands and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Set as a fantasy action-comedy comic it’s sure to have some laughs and a good dose of old-fashion beatdowns as well. Have to pick this one up tomorrow to see how it all goes down and whether they are up to the challenge.