Defense with the BoomPick

Another day upon us, bringing the end of the year closer and 2011 right around the corner. Always dread these long work weeks with the weekend never in view until we smack right into Friday. Luckily for you new comics come out tomorrow to break up the dreary nature of the week and from the looks of the list a good number are coming out. With new series starting or others continuing many choices for every comic fan to choose from and for this week I went with one of the continuing series comic in Driver for the Dead #2.

If you don’t remember Driver for the Dead is the tale of Alabaster Graves, a man with the task of inferring the deceased to their final resting place in one badass hearse. Now the deceased in Alabaster’s case are people who were able to do remarkable things or terrible evils in their lives with the use of magic, voodoo and the likes. This issue has him picking up the body of Moses Freeman, a man of awesome power that is being coveted by a Necromancer who wants to use Moses' power to bring about unspeakable evil to the world. It’s up the Graves to get the body safely to the Freeman family crypt and keep it out of the wrong hands. You folks that read the issue will find out the hiccups that are going to arise to stop him.