Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Even with the whole zombie apocalypse thing, I still hate Mondays more than any other day. There is some silver lining though on this Monday as there hasn’t been much zombie activity around these parts the past week. Not sure if that means less zombies are in the area or maybe zombies are in a decline overall and dying off I couldn’t say. Of course we aren’t complaining as less zombies is always a good thing and gives us more time to keep repairs going on around here, fixing what got damaged in the last big zombie attack. It'll be a weird day when there aren’t any zombies left in this world trying to kill us, although no clue when that will happen. I've ust gotta keep the idea alive.

Unfortunately, the news today is really only bad. Remember about a month or two back I reported on the huge government outpost over in South Carolina that was the main rebuilding effort for that region of the country? Seems a few catastrophic events occurred that let zombies get inside the walls and basically mass panic and chaos ensued. Survivor reports state there were great civilian and government casualties at the outpost. With explosions during the battle destroying much of the infrastructure they had set up there the place is inhabitable. I just picked up word on the wire that the government forces from the New England outpost are sending what helicopters they have to pick up survivors and are broadcasting the pickup locations.

Tip today is going to cover how to reinforce a stilted house to make it a more secure place to survive.

These types of houses are usually found in coastal regions that are prone to possible flooding or hurricanes, but the way that the houses are built give you one advantage off the bat protecting you from zombies. The only huge flaw with the stilted house is enough zombies happen to surrounded it the pressing mass could topple the supports, bringing the place down. To combat this you need to build up a wall around the support posts, with large trucks and SUV type vehicles working best. Even if they are out of gas they can still be pushed or pulled into place to circle the base of your safe house. If there aren’t a lot of vehicles around to do this a plan B would be to ring around the structure a fence that wouldn’t be enough to stop a large mass of zombies, but it can hold off small groups enough to kill them before they get to be too numerous.

That should be your main focus of defense is protecting the support beams, but you also have to decide whether to destroy the stairs or block them. Destroying the staircase would give you the greatest amount of protection and peace of mind, but then you would have to create a new way to get in and out. Some options for this is with the use of ropes or ladders that you would lower and raise when needed and will do the trick, but could make getting supplies up a bit difficult. Another option you can do that won’t destroy the stairs is to put boards on the stairs making a ramp that zombies cant climb but you can that let's you keep the stairs and gives protection.

There's the tip and the news for this week, remember to keep fighting and keep surviving. To those who escaped from the South Carolina safe zone good luck to you.