Manga - The Other White Meat

Well…everyone envision your best manga sad face. As of writing this on Thursday afternoon I still have not seen the Bleach manga chapter released and I know that Naruto is on a week off so unfortunately there will be no recaps this week. That leaves me at a loss for topics as I don’t really have a recommendation for you all. If you’ve been following along and starting reading/watching some other titles that I’ve put out there in the past you should have plenty to occupy you.

I suppose I need to fill the next paragraph just for the sake of not missing out completely. I know! Let’s talk about a video game that has currently made it challenging for me to function in many aspects of life. Anyone ever played the Civilization series? Well their latest game came out – the fifth in the series – and it is apparently a mix of Civ Revolution for consoles a few years back and Civ IV for PC. It is awesome if you enjoy strategy games. If you google the phrase “just one more turn” – with the quotes – you’ll find that the seemingly normal phrase is very closely associated with the series.

We’ll see if the editor even runs this as we are clearly not a gaming blog, but sometimes something that completely encompasses one’s out of work thoughts simply must be shared. We’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled programming.