New Arrivals: September 29, 2010

It's hard to believe but New York Comic Con is a mere two weeks away. Sadly, yours truly will not be in attendance as one of my best friends from college decided to get married on that weekend. There are two more Wednesdays between now and the show and those new comic days are events I can participate in. This Wednesday is no exception and features the release of something everyone needs in nomads. Yep, The Sanctuary is all about nomads.

Written and illustrated by Nathan Neal, The Sanctuary is Neal's first full-length graphic novel that explores the primal mysteries and inner workings of a Paleolithic cave-dwelling tribe. In it, a young nomad girl is offered up as an item of trade which doesn't sit too well with her, forcing her to seek refuge with a local cave-painter turned outcast. The pair decide to trip on shrooms and create some drawings that tell a story while simultaneously getting wrapped up in a power struggle between the alpha males and alpha females.

The 200 page graphic novel pulls a Tolkien and boasts its own Paleolithic language that, according to Comixology, "breaks new ground by bringing complex ideas to the page with primal immediacy and sophistication through Neal's adroit use of pantomime storytelling that provide many layers of symbolism and meaning." $22.99 price point gets you in the Neolithic door.


New Arrivals: September 29, 2010