Preview - Tron: Betrayal #1

So I'm pretty stoked for the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie. Not only does it follow up on the phenomenally awesome Tron, but it features Olivia Wilde in a fantastic costume. Huzzah! Anyhoo, with the film by Disney and Disney owning Marvel, the comic book tie-in is inevitable. That tie-in would be Tron: Betrayal #1.

Written by Jai Nitz (courtesy of a plot by Starlight Runner Entertainment) and featuring pencils by Andie Tong and a cover by Salvador Larroca, Tron: Betrayal #1 is a graphic novel prequel that bridges the gap between the two movies. The graphic novel hits stores November 16th with the first issue hitting stores October 6. In it, Kevin Flynn is in charge of the world’s largest video game company, Encom. The breakthrough game developer has built the Grid, a digital world filled with living programs except now the new virtual world is about to develop a life of its own and, in order to control it, Flynn’s going to need the help of an old friend…named Tron.

Interiors after the jump.