Review - Angelus #5

The dynamic duo of Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic are back from Top Cow with another issue of Angelus. This issue is a setup for the final showdown that anyone who has been reading knew was coming. At the end of the last issue Sabine obtained one of the thirteen Artifacts at the center of the Top Cow Universe. If you don’t know what I mean get out from under your rock and go pick up Artifacts #1 (and check out Artifacts #0 in its entirety here) in stores.

The Wheel of Shadows has converted Sabine into a monster, more damn then leader of the host of Angelic warriors for the light. One of her minions said that she had seen the future, and Sabine was NOT the Angelus in it. For that insight we will never have to see that particular warrior again. It appears that the Wheel of Shadows controls the power of aging and time, and now Sabine wields it.

How can I sum up this issue in one word? I know: fan service (two words I know). I don’t mean this in a negative way, all I’m saying that if my wife had walked in while I was reading this she might have had some questions for me. Get the picture?

The issue opens with a full page spread of Sabine’s new dark look. From there we go back to Dani’s new apartment where her father has just walked in on her and Finch. As you probably could have gathered from Dani’s interactions with Finch in the War of the Witchblades and now with Angelus, having a relationship with another woman is a new thing for Dani. She spends a few pages having a discussion with her father about this aspect of her life and then he leaves.

What follows are eight pages of beautifully drawn…fan service. I really don’t know how else to put it. If I had to sum things up I’d just simply state that Dani and Finch’s relationship has definitely been elevated to a new level.

That said, this is not POINTLESS fan service. Immediately after this development, Sabine chooses to finally make her move. Finch ends up being a victim of Sabine’s new powers and the option given to Dani is to give Sabine the Angelus and everything will be all right. For the first time we get a view of Angelus and Dani fully enraged and entering a fight without hesitation. Needless to say, minions and lesser warriors do not fare well in these fights.

The stage is set and this first arc is drawing to a close. Sabine with the Wheel of Shadows at her disposal and the Angelus in full battle regalia battle it out. I have a feeling that this will have implications far beyond simple Angelus considering that regardless of the outcome one bearer will have two Artifacts. To my knowledge that is the first time that has happened, and with the overarching story taking place in Artifacts that could make Dani a BIG target.

There has never been a better time to become a huge fan of all things Top Cow with the story of all 13 Artifacts playing out in many titles. The writing and art are superb as always and I never feel like I am reading something that has no purpose. This battle is bound to be pretty crazy, and I almost wonder if someone else won’t step in before it is over.

Check out the interiors below, and if I’ve perked your interest pick this one up in stores. Just read it in private mmmmmkay?