Review - Awakening: Volume 2

It’s been awhile since we last talked about some zombies doing what they do best, destroying everything in their path. That’s the thing with zombies: you just can’t reason or compromise with a zombie, as all it wants to do is eat you. I only bring this up is because Awakening: Volume Two is available for pre-order and looking at an October release. With this next volume the zombies get a whole lot more page time, doing major amounts of damage in the process. Writer Nick Tapalansky and illustrator Alex Eckman-Lawn really out did themselves on this one as it's such a great read and the art sets the tone well for the hopelessness the characters feel as the world closes in around them.

A lot has gone down since we last saw Awakening: Volume 1, with more reports of zombie attacks throughout the city of Park Falls and accounts from around the globe as well about zombie incidents. For our hero Derrick Peters he receives worse news, as his former partner is being acquitted of all crimes against him. The problem is Derrick was a witness against his partner Charlie bringing bad blood between the two men and Charlie going free puts an eviler predator on the streets of Park Falls than the zombies in Derrick’s mind. All hell is breaking loose as people deal with it in different ways such as finding their faith again and fleeing to safe zones, but most are simply wondering what the government is doing to address the pandemic affecting them.

While Doctor Howe is doing all he can to find a cure (or at least figure out what is causing the Awakening) even more people are fleeing to destinations thought to be safe. Of course zombies aren’t the only thing stretching the Park Falls police force thin, as a new possible serial killer is on the loose bringing Derrick back on to help out in capturing said killer. For the people remaining in the town, a fence is put up enclosing it to the outside world providing a sense of protection. Doctor Howe is at his wits end on finding out what exactly is going on; his investigation takes him and Derrick back to the pharmaceutical company that first started it all to find clues that can help. Amazing part is we are only halfway through the volume with the latter half questions are answered and the reality of the situation sets in for our characters.

I have really enjoyed the Awakening series, because of their different take on zombies and how it's presented. I've said it before about the art, but I just feel it meshes so well with the story and is able to convey the right mood at every page turn. It’s such a compelling story to read and I really liked how they ended it as it wasn’t over the top but precise and fitting for the characters. Have to tip my hat off to Nick and Alex as Awakening was a great comic and one freaking awesome zombie tale that was a thrill to read. My words alone can’t do this graphic novel justice as you have to read it for yourself and enjoy.