Review - Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice

Zombies are freaking everywhere lately in everything from books, movies, TV shows to comics and of course, video games. One such game, Left 4 Dead 2 has been publishing their online comic by Michael Avon Oeming for the new downloadable content coming out for the game called “The Sacrifice”. The first two parts are out of this kickass zombie comic with plenty of blood, guts and bullets just giving you that wholesome feeling when taking on some zombies. I love the game, enjoyed the hell out of the first one and just downright enjoy those melee weapons from the second. The comics are intended to provide some backstory for the DLC, so read on for a review (spoilers ahead for those that haven't played "The Passing" DLC, with spoilers being who doesn't survive from the original foursome).

Now for Part 1 of right off the bat we have Bill in his last moments reflecting on all he wanted to do to help the others. During this moment what could possibly show up to finish Bill, my favorite one of the survivors, but three freaking Tanks. Bill being that same old bastard that he always is, needs to take a minute to light up a cigarette perhaps for the last time before doling out some whoop-ass on those Tanks. That is what makes Bill such an awesome character to have in a zombie apocalypse and I know I would want him in my group.

Flashing back a week, we get to see the four original survivors back in the farmhouse from the last stage in the first game, which is one tough ass final battle on expert. It gets damn hectic for those guys as waves of zombies are hitting them from the porch to the staircase, but luckily at that moment when it seems hope is lost rescue arrives. With everyone ready to move Zoey notices Bill missing and goes looking for him, only to find Bill completely destroying zombies on the staircase.

Of course their run for the rescue vehicle isn’t without incident as first a tank comes at them only to be set on fire and blown up by a propane tank, but then a smoker grabs Francis prompting some sniper action from Zoey to save his ass. That is what I am enjoying about the comic how it feels like playing the game, right down to that one tank that pops up at the end to mess up your survival. Little bit more happens in the issue, but don’t want to spoil it for you, let’s have part two.

Part 2 gives more insight into exactly what’s going on out there and why they are rounding up and testing survivors. Something isn’t right at this base as Zoey and Bill get tested; meanwhile Louis and Francis are being held in a cell. A new twist is added to the equation when the survivors find out they carry the virus and can spread it, but are immune to it. Meaning all the areas that the survivors have been too, they have infected any people along the way with the zombie virus. A nice twist I have to say and it would explain why every escape that the four makes always ends in disaster for them.

Things always go from bad to worse for these four unlucky survivors as the base alarm goes off, signaling a base evacuation and calling every zombie in the area straight to them. With Zoey and Bill making their escape having the doctor in tow, they head to get some weapons. For Louis and Francis although have to convince their guards to let them out and make their escape together. For those two it gets pretty hairy as they get hit with full frontal attack by zombies, throwing in a Witch and Boomer to top it all off.

A damn good high note to leave the issue on with Part 3 coming out this week and Part 4 coming out next week chronicling the final chapter of Bill’s life. Simply an awesome comic series based on a video game, just loved reading it and am looking forward to seeing how Bill bites it in the end. Check out the link below to read them for yourselves and enjoy some zombie killing. Part 3 should be available tomorrow (September 28) with Part 4 showing up next Tuesday (October 5), which is the same day as the new DLC.