Solicit - Time Bomb #2

I'm hoping you weren't planning on getting Time Bomb #2 this week, because it's slipped to next week. That's not all bad though as it just delays the saving of the world from the Omega Bomb by 67 years and one week (as opposed to just 67 years).

The four heroes (inadvertently sent back too far) have to struggle with not doing anything that will affect the future. Naturally though, their presence won't go unnoticed as the creator of the Omega Bomb himself, Axel Von Metzger, is onto them.

The book is created and written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and features art by Paul Gulacy, colors by Rain Beredo, lettering by John J. Hill and the cover by Gulacy and Beredo. The 56-page book will set you back $4.99.