Transformers: Drift #1 Starts Today

Drift is a new character being added to the Autobot ranks and he coems with baggage. As in Decepticon baggage.

In IDW's Transformers: Drift #1, writer Shane McCarthy and artist Alex Milne look at the reasons for Drift, one of the Decepticon's most ruthless soldiers, to switch sides. There's also an ancient secret hidden deep within an alien planet if the Drift origin story isn't good enough for you.

In the immortal (and slightly modified) words of Optimus Prime: "Interiors...Roll Out!" (after the jump).


  1. Hasbro released a figure based on this character, in the same series as the Optimus and Bumblebee figures based upon the War for Cybertron game designs. I was wondering where he came from because he doesn't pop up in the game at all. Thanks for the post.



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