Dead Space Ignition Motion Comic

The word "ignition" typically signifies starting a car. Maybe to go to the store and get some milk. Or maybe to go pick someone up from somewhere. If you're a fan of comics (motion comics in particular), I have a feeling if you read Dead Space Ignition launching today you might have a different association with the word. As in "we have to start the ignition on this ship before we get torn limb from limb by necromorphs." Fun right?

The motion comic is set to launch next week (October 13) for 400 MS points ($5 real life) and will act as a prequel to Dead Space 2, the sequel to the first game due in January. Presumably the comic will also be avilable on PSN but so far there's no immediate word on when. Cheak out some motion comic interiors after the jump (sans the motion).