Defense with the BoomPick

Tomorrow is new comics day, a day that always brings joy to all the comic fans. Always a day to skip out of work a little early or take a longer lunch break to stop by your local comic book store and pick up all the new issues. With New York Comic-Con only a few more days away lot of excitement is building up for what is sure to be one kickass weekend for the fans going. For all those who can’t make it out there don’t fret, as lots of good new issues coming out tomorrow including my pick for this week Shadowland Spider-man #1.

Looks like some trouble is brewing for our friendly neighborhood Spider-man as a certain villain Mr. Negative is pushing an all-out attack on The Hand as mayhem goes on in the Shadowland. All sorts of martial arts action is lining these pages as the pair of Spider-man and Shang-Chi go toe-to-toe against Daredevil’s ninja forces, the all-powerful Chinese Tong and a villain out of Spider-man’s past. Clearly this series is going to be an eye opener for Shang-Chi and Spider-man ,showing them things never seen before and setting up a journey unlike any other.