Defense with the BoomPick

Another weekend has passed us by bringing all the joy from New York Comic-Con to those able to make it there. New England Comic-Con this weekend brings even more comic joy that I can't wait for. Right now though we're focused on the new comics amongst all these big events and this week a good lot of them are bringing the noise. Today I am going with a comic from Dynamite Entertainment simply named Warriors of Mars #1 that is written by Arvid Nelson and artist Stephen Sadowski.

They are going a bit old school with this one as this new series Warriors of Mars is an enlarged take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs story Princess of Mars. Nelson and Sadowski are aiming to take Edgar’s story and make it grander, with more action and determination of the characters to tell the story. The story focuses on John Carter, who was a cavalry officer for the Confederate Army during the Civil War and finds himself transported to Mars. Making the best of his situation John begins his journey with help from Tars Tarkas, a Martian brother-in-arms and Dejah Thoris, a Martian Princess. Don’t see too many comics set on Mars, but it sounds like the perfect landscape for great feats of heroism to come out.