Defense with the BoomPick

Hey look, it's Tuesday again, forever known as the day after Monday, but not quite Wednesday. Nothing really special about Tuesday as a day really, except for the one saving grace in that we find out the new comics coming out tomorrow to make the day something. From the looks of the list a lot of publishers are bringing out some big guns for tomorrow with a good variety to complete all the different comic book fans. Today I'm going with a pick from Marvel that is looking to bringing one mother of a baddie back in Carnage #1.

Carnage (as you might remember) is another symbiote like Venom, but a ton more violent and psychotic. This time around Carnage is looking do more of his namesake and wreck the Marvel Universe. Leaving it to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman and Iron Man to stop him, but I foresee this problem growing into something even these two mighty heavyweights can’t take down on their own. It’s still a mystery as to how or even why Carnage has come back to town, but know that when he's involved there's going to be plenty of action and mayhem to go around. I think creators Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain are outdoing themselves here; pick this one up tomorrow to find out.