Defense with the BoomPick

Another Tuesday, another work day and generally a day that stands in the way of the weekend getting here. It’s not as bad as Monday, but still not as exciting as a Friday, except we do get to see what new comics come out tomorrow. With the list out I have to say a good number of fresh comics are coming out I am interested in, but one popped out among the crowd to be my pick.

This comic is based on one the more interesting superheroes that might not be the brightest, but is definitely the strongest and gets the job done. The mystery hero I speak of is none other than The Tick, with his new series called The Tick Series #6. Catchy title isn’t it?

The new series for The Tick has him in a pickle of a situation in safeguarding the citizens of The City. He has some help in this matter from not one Arthur, but two faithful Arthur sidekicks: his original one and the Golden Age version. These three heroes must team up to take on the two Terrors, the current one and Golden Age one as well, that are wrecking shop and causing good old fashion evil. With more of the other classic Tick series characters popping in to help out in saving The City and to help destroy it, this series a bonanza of good times and witty dialogue. Brought to you by New England Comics with authors Benito Cereno and Les McClaine, The Tick Series #6 gives The Tick a new life and brings joy to all the faithful readers.