Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Wow Monday already? Just had a long week and weekend that has me about as drained as I can be. Always plenty of zombies to fight with and fend off all the time making the days just all blur together at times into one long fight. Have to keep the fight going though as I have heard more and more places are becoming clear of all zombies and slowly resemble life like it was before. I will get into that during the news as last thought from me here is to always do what you can to survive, but help others to survive as well.

News for today is a little light, because it has been pretty quiet with not a lot of mayday calls going out or reports of safe zones falling to zombies. In regards to the places becoming clear of zombies beyond Cuba, New Zealand and the Swiss Alps I have gotten reports that Tanzania, Madagascar and Iceland are all clear now as well. All of these places have implemented stringent policies on entering them, since they don’t want another outbreak as it only takes one bite to start all over again. When heading to these places they will tell you the certain points for entry into them that follow quarantine procedures to make sure none of the incoming survivors are infected.

Reports coming from these areas are quite promising about the wonderful job they are doing in helping survivors cope with the reality of living in a zombie free place and helping set them up to prosper. For those people who have no way to get to these safe zones don’t lose hope as I think this war against the zombies is turning in or favor. We all must keep fighting so it can end. For the tip today I felt the need to talk about vehicles. As I'm sure most are destroyed, broke down or just useless, you can still find a workable one to use.

Today the focus will be on pick-up trucks as they might not look like the best choice, but have good features to them you can adapt to fit your needs. Usually if you can find a vehicle smaller that's better because of more maneuverability, but with a truck you get a vehicle that can carry a good bit of supplies, people and gives you a mobile platform to fight zombies with too. Of course you have to do some modifications to it giving protection to any occupants who would be in the truck bed. Using sheet metal, barbed wire and metal fencing to ring around the truck bed gives those in the back protection from being grab out of the bed, but allows them to fire back or help clear the path.

Modifying the cab of the truck is a little tougher since you have to be able to get in and out of the truck with ease. You don’t want it locked or blocked when you have zombies hot on your heels not giving you a quick escape. If materials can be found putting metal grates or bars over the windows and windshield are going to be the best protection to use for the cab part. Welding is the best method, but is tough to find making rope and punching holes through the doors to loop it through getting the job done. Only problem with this method is if zombies manage to surround you they can pry them off with enough zombies pulling. The other added benefit of using a truck is with the more powerful engine and them being use to heavy loads putting a wedge on the front improves your ability to push through zombies and nudge other cars out of your way.

There is the news and tip for this week. Remember to keep fighting and surviving.