Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

We are still besieged with zombies here insides our walls. It’s been a long week of fighting, dying and betrayals going on here with no end in sight as of now. Zombies are still concentrated in the main yard in front of the buildings with the back yards still secured and passages to them safe. Sadly some of the smaller buildings have been breached, but some people were able to make it onto the roof and get over to the main building. It would appear the treachery and betrayal goes further than just the original group. A number of people within my own settlement have been working with this larger group in sabotaging our defenses and letting zombies wreak havoc to take our supplies out of here.

It looks like they had an even more advance team come into my place about two months back to integrate with us, learning our defenses and where the supplies are and such in preparation for when this next smaller group came two weeks ago. Only reason I know this now is people were caught attempting to help the ones we have locked up and let them all escape over the wall back to their larger group. Still haven’t located exactly where they are in the surrounding areas, but I have seen a disturbing tactic of theirs. I've been seeing lights and hearing engine noises from what sounds like motor bikes. What they are doing is leading more zombies to us with the bikes, trying to use zombies to clear out all of us. Pretty diabolic plan on their part, although it means they have to be somewhere secure at least to not lead zombies back to themselves, but close enough to keep watch on us.

As of now the survivors remaining are all in the main building holding our ground, with maybe a group of five over in one of the smaller armories we have in another building. The turncoats and saboteurs remaining are all locked up, but I'm seriously considering throwing them out to the waiting horde of zombies. Frustrations and tempers are running high among us with this siege never seeming to end. I know we can win, but I'm not sure if our morale will hold long enough for us to do that. Then of course the whole worry of the rest of the group attacking us with full strength and if we can beat them when they decide to attack. All around a lot of questions to answer and hopefully this coming week we will have our answers. Until then remember to keep fighting and we will keep surviving.