Drawing Comics Is Easy! (Except When It's Hard)

I've always lamented my inability to draw worth a damn. Sure, I can write pretty well. I could never draw though. People like me may want to check out a new book by Alexa Kitchen due later this year from BOOM! Town called Drawing Comics Is Easy!.

The 176 page softcover is an indiosyncratic look into creating comics from the perspective of a seven-year-old. It boasts round corners and is intended to provide instruction to kids (as well as adults) on the merits of illustrating. It's drawn praise from people like Will Eisner, Neil Gaiman, Patrick McDonnell, Sergio Aragones and even R. Crumb himself. So yeah, there's some powerful endorsements behind it.

Drawing Comics is Easy (Except When It's Hard) hits stores December 1 for $19.99.