New Arrivals: October 20, 2010

It's not often that you come across such a genre-blending work that throws together two completely different cultures into a pot that blend together with a high potential for awesomeness. Dynamite Comics has been in the kitchen lately and this week they have that blend in the Thousand Arts one-shot.

Here's the deal. The collaboration of Stuart Moore, Siddharth Kotian & Liquid, Siddharth Kotian has spawned a kung-fu action thriller set in the Alaskan wilderness. You heard me. Kung-fu in Alaska. An archaeological dig has uncovered a smattering of 7,000 year old documents that describe an ancient Chinese civilization that was actually in North America. Naturally, relics that old have some immeasurable power that catches the collective eyes of an assassins guild, meaning the last living descendant of the original monks must protect the secrets. He'll also become the master of a thousand arts in the process.

Hopefully the kung-fu fighting treats Alaska better than that 30 days of night business.


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