Preview - Uncanny X-Force #2

I remember checking out Uncanny X-Force and thinking it was Marvel's equivalent of the B-team (with X-Men being the A-team). I guess a lot has changed since then, as apparently Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña's run is garnering some acclaim.

“Remender and Opena have gotten Uncanny X-Force off to a thrilling start, and this is only the beginning of what looks to be a very memorable run.” – Jesse Schedeen,

“The cast -- Wolverine, Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deadpool -- is almost too cool for its own good.” – James Hunt,

“Jerome Opeña was the perfect choice as artist for the story. His style is sketchy but full of action and detail, and he raised the bar in terms of infusing the characters with more emotional detail than we have witnessed in the past.” – Robert Tacopina,

X-Force’s mission has gone horribly wrong and the return of Apocalypse is right around the corner. The team has been scattered across the Blue Area of the Moon and EVA has been terribly wounded at the hands of the Last Horsemen. This could be the end of X-Force and they haven’t even completed their first mission together.

The book goes on sale November 17 and interiors are after the jump.


  1. Thanks to you and Dan (of, I think I'm climbing back on the comics wagon after a 15 year absence. Some of my favorite X-universe characters all crammed into one title. What more can you ask for?

  2. Hah. No problem. There are actually a ton of good books in comics now that aren't even necessarily capes and tights related. The comic community will welcome you back with open arms.


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