The Reconcilers

Neal Adams is still relevant in the comics game. So relevant in fact that he and Shepherd Hendrix are bringing a new book created by R. Emery Bright, Jens Pil Pilegaard and Erik Jensen called The Reconcilers.

In it, it's the 22nd century and there are no more countries or religions and corporations are in control. With corporations in control, there's only one way to settle business disputes: through arena battles with corporate-owned gladiatorial teams called "Reconcilers." Naturally, there's going to be smaller teams, like a small lunar mining company called Hansen Inc. is forced to field a team lead by reluctant former champion Sean Hexhammer to go up against the Sokor Reconcilers, owned by Maximillian Sokor.

The 96-page graphic novel is the first volume in an ongoing series and will be available this December for $14.99.

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The Reconcilers
Created by R. Emery Bright, Jens Pil Pilegaard and Erik Jensen Published by Viking Warrior Press
From comics legend NEAL ADAMS ("Batman", "Deadman, "X-Men"), award winning writer and actor Erik Jensen ("The Bronx is Burning", Ron Moore's "Virtuality", "The Exonerated"), and 2 Time Eisner nominated artist Shepherd Hendrix ("Stagger Lee") comes the critically acclaimed graphic novel “THE RECONCILERS,” the thrilling, provocative, and timely story of one man’s quest to bring justice to a broken world.

It is the 22nd century. No more countries. No more religions. Corporations Rule.
Giant Mega- Corporations literally control the world and after decades of bloody inter- corporate war, all business disputes are now settled in the arena by Corporate-owned gladiatorial teams called "Reconcilers".

“The Reconcilers” tells the story of what happens when a small lunar mining company’s claim is jumped by one of the big dogs. The scrappy, independently owned, Hansen Inc., is forced to field a team of amateur Reconcilers reluctantly led by a former arena champion, Sean Hexhammer. The ragtag Hansen combat unit is totally outmatched by the Sokor Reconcilers a better funded, better equipped, professional combat team owned by Maximillain Sokor, a ruthless CEOverlord willing to do anything to hold on to
his empire.

It’s the story of Sean Hexhammer's quest to save his friends and bring down a tyrant. It's “Gladiator” meets “Blade Runner”.

The 96-page graphic novel is volume 1 in an ongoing series.

Available in comic book stores nationwide December 2010 Visit

Published by: Viking Warrior Press Retail: U.S. $14.99 CAN $16.99 Distributor: Diamond Comic