Review - Driver for the Dead #2

There are a lot of jobs out there that leave you feeling drained and tired at the end of the day. There are also jobs that on the surface would seem not to be as taxing, but end up being much more complicated than first expected. Yes folks, Driver for the Dead #2 is out and shows the woes that come with the task of transporting the dead to their final resting place. This issue kicks up the action and mayhem one can encounter when dealing with the undead and black magic. Really enjoyed this second issue and the story material is a refreshing change from all the superhero comics. With that said now let’s have the review.

A lot goes on in this issue with Graves arriving at the house to pick up Moses Freeman’s corpse and then begin the long trek back. We get more backstory from the great granddaughter during the drive about Moses and the sort of help he provided. Speaking about the gift that Moses possessed to heal any and all who would come visit him no matter the ailment or injury. We even get more insight into what drove Graves to do what he does and I liked how they went deeper into the characters, showing more sides to them.

Remember when I said the action gets ramped up in this issue? Fallow is the undead necromancer who is after Moses’s body for the power it possesses, but is also seeking out other people with abilities as well. This is where the blood and mayhem comes into play as Fallow and his minions go after these people with abilities to take them. A lot of these special powers he goes after are pretty cool I have to say and I like how they kinda of showcase them before Fallow arrives to take them and the souls of the people. All of these errands lead towards the big payoff with a little showdown in the swamp between Fallow, his minions and Graves in some good old fashion gun play.

Overall a damn fine issue in the series and an enjoyable read with the right amounts that make a great comic. More goes down than revealed with a cliffhanger ending that makes the next issue a definite buy. As with the first issue's artwork, the art here is superb and conveys the mood and tone of the comic perfectly. I am looking forward to the next issue to see how this all goes down and whether or not Graves can finish the job tasked to him and save the day.