Review - Hellcity

A lot of people have an idea of what Heaven or Hell will be like; or at least what might be in store for them when they die. What if I could tell you that Hell is like one giant New York City with you stuck working a crappy job with demons messing with you constantly just because they can? Meanwhile Heaven is a relaxed, kicked back little community that is as you might imagine where only good things happen. Well Hellcity accomplishes this feat in great strides as the book was a downright killer tale of intrigue, backstabbing and giant three-headed dogs among other things. Macon Blair and Joe Flood outdid themselves on this as it’s a fun read with a fitting ending and plenty of action that keeps you laughing at times.

After the death of his wife Bill, a detective, kills himself, leading him to the messed up existence he has now. Bill is living with a demon that is only there to make his life miserable until he gets a chance to relive the glory days and be a detective again for a succubus. This sets in motion the story that has Bill following the main man himself the Devil, as people in the Devil Government believe that he has lost it and is acting crazy. Through the course of tailing the Devil, Bill begins to see the big picture and the what is at stake for everyone.

When I said this story had everything I meant it, including anarchists that are using the upheaval at the top ranks of the government to cause chaos and go nuts. With council members plotting against each other to overthrow the Devil, it just keeps coming and coming. Even throwing a love triangle sort of situation in there they mesh it all damn near perfectly. The betrayal parts are what get me as it feels just mafia-ish in the way power hungry demons go after each other.

The art work just enhances the story with it all being in black and white, making it all seem darker. Certain panels really stand out when the things get really bad for Bill and all hell breaks Hell. I really enjoyed reading it and have to say I laughed my ass off at how it ends, which fits perfectly with the story. Also, I love the fact that the Devil is portrayed as this sort of fat badly dressed looking guy yet he totally kicks some ass. Downright great read and I highly suggest you pick it up as well since you can’t go wrong with a pesky demon and gunfighting action that literally makes heads roll.