The Shadow Hare

The Shadow Hare isn't a new title from an indie publisher. Instead, it's a 21-year-old masked crime fighter in Cincinnati. The video after the jump is a news vignette about the man and his team called the Allegiance of Heroes. Shadow Hare apparently joins a growing community of superheroes that include the likes of Aclyptico, Wall Creeper, Master Legend and Mr. Extreme and are all registered on the World Superhero Registry.

It's an interesting video to watch, only because it shows two things: the impac that comics are actually having on mainstream and how successful (if you want to look at it that way) Kick-Ass was in terms of drawing more attention to comics in general. Unfortunately though, until a rich billionaire playboy with either a heart problem or a fear of bats actually becomes a superhero, these costumed folks fighting the good fight will probably be laughed at.