Spread the Dead

In times of zombie outbreak I'm going to be the last one advocating that you spread the dead. In the case of AMC's upcoming television adaptation of The Walking Dead, I'm going to encourage you spread the dead. Only because it's a contest of awesomeness.

Fans can head to www.amcspreadthedead.com between now and November 19 to sign up. Then, friends click on your unique referral link to...wait for it...spread the dead! With each click you get points on a leaderboard, with first place getting a nice $5,000. Two second-place winners will receive $2500, and fifteen runner-ups will get Walking Dead gift packs. Viral marketing really doesn't get much simpler than that honestly.

And just because you're awesome, after the jump is a new (and somewhat violent) clip from the series, courtesy of Spike TV. Enjoy.