Steve Niles Joins Zombiebomb in Salem, MA

Salem, MA, in the month of October is something of a conundrum. Sure, the atmosphere as far as eeriness is unique, but the entire town is pretty over-commercialized and crowded the entire month. There are other things to Salem beside witch lore though, including Harrison Comics. And tomorrow (October 23) the store will play host to two "experts" on horror.

From noon to 2 PM tomorrow, fans can meet Steve Niles (of 30 Days of Night fame alongside Adam Miller and Rich Woodall, co-creators of Zombiebomb. You can also pick up a new copy of the latest Zombiebomb called "Highly Contagious." I would expect the store to be fairly crowded so I'd recommend getting there slightly earlier than noon to get your signing on. Just don't get swallowed by the masses going to the Peabody Essex Museum or Salem Witch Museum...there's a lot of those folks there for those this time of year.