Defense with the BoomPick

Tomorrow we have new comics coming out bringing with them new adventures, new characters and for some comic series a proper ending. That's the beauty of comics: they give so much in so many different ways to all manners of folks. It was a tough choice for my pick this week as a good number of comics made me chuckle, but also some that got me amped up and excited to read those comics. Today I went with a paperback comic that goes in a sci-fi western direction with Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale.

For fans of Firefly, a series cancelled way too soon by those idiots at Fox, we have always wondered what the deal is with the quiet Shepherd Book and what sort of past he had. Throughout the series and a bit of the movie Serenity there were hints to his role as a big player in the Alliance or perhaps a family member of someone high up. All of this is pure speculation of course, but now with this new book we get to see how Book became the man he is. Written by Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee they explore the depths of Shepherd Book and show how he found God and basically why he is so badass. Pick this one up tomorrow to continue the Firefly universe and learn more about one of those loveable Serenity crew members.