Defense with the BoomPick

There's a slew of good comics coming out tomorrow with a few series ready to push some favorite comic book characters to heights the likes of which have never been seen before. Today I went with a Marvel comic that looks to take Mr. Tony Stark to a future world in Iron Man: The Rapture #1. This is a 4-issue limited series written by Alexander Irvine and illustrated by Lan Medina that is sure to present Iron Man like never before.

In this futuristic world Tony Stark suffers a violent heart attack that nearly kills him and makes Tony jump into action to stave off death. So begins the era of a new Tony Stark, part man and machine fused together making him stronger and smarter, but also uncontrollable. As the more machine side takes over he wishes to revamp the entire world in his image, leaving the task of stopping him to Pepper Potts and Jim Rhodes. This one is sure to be an event of the ages for Iron Man and crew that just might leave the once great hero shattered and broken.