Defense with the Boompick

Here we have a special week for many folks with Thanksgiving happening Thursday and the shopping days of all shopping days on Friday. If you can’t wait until Friday to get some shopping done you are in luck as you have a slew of new comics tomorrow to pick up. With a high number of kickass comics coming out it was a tough choice for my pick today, but I went with an old favorite of mine whom I haven’t seen in awhile. Yup, you guessed it. Going with a Deadpool comic in Deadpool #29 from Marvel out tomorrow.

In this new issue we see the end of a little mini storyline involving Deadpool fighting alongside Captain America. This series has the unlikely partners battling terrorists in a fight that hasn’t been going exactly as planned. Captain America is being the stick in the mud type of guy around Deadpool, but he isn’t worried about that because he has the plan of all plans to fix it. What sort of plan can Deadpool come up with that could save the day you ask? Well, needless to say it involves a lot of guns, a lot of action and loads of jokes to save the day.