Defense with the BoomPick

Another week has gone by and it only gets us closer to Christmas, bringing the new year with it. We aren’t at the any of those yet; no we have new comics out Thursday to look forward to.

With a whole slew of good ones coming out it were once again a tough choice to pick only one, but when I saw this comic on the list I knew it was the one. This comic is going back to the heyday of afternoon cartoons. Not G.I. Joe or Transformers, but Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers #1. BOOM! Studios has really been bringing out the cartoon favorites of the 90’s, recreating them masterfully in comic form and hopefully they won’t stop doing this anytime soon.

Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers #1 features our favorite crime fighting bunch along for a new adventure. When these two chipmunks aren't fighting over who gets to be with Gadget, they're solving all sorts of mysteries and adventures. The series goes along with the Darkwing Duck and Talespin cartoon era and were some of my favorites to watch. Speaking of Talespin I hope we get to see a comic about Baloo and crew as well in the near future. If you are looking to relive those days again make sure to pick up the Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers #1 on Thursday and you will feel like you haven’t missed a thing.


  1. I'm crossing my fingers very hard for Boom to make a TaleSpin comic.

    You should take a look at my fansite!

  2. ya i am with you on that one, TaleSpin was my favorite cartoon show out of the three there, although Darkwing Duck is a close second.


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