Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

It’s been a long few weeks for those of us that still remain alive. Our compound has been sabotaged and under siege by zombies for the past relentlessly in addition to the bandits that caused all this trouble blowing a whole in the wall. We’ve managed to fend them off enough to repair the wall sufficiently to keep any more from getting in. Most of the smaller buildings we have are wrecked and a few of the animals as well were killed.

All of this trouble was caused when a group of bandits entered my facility under the guise of survivors seeking shelter; they were actually working with a larger group intending to blow a hole in the wall. During the siege we were able to locate where the rest of their group was holed up at and we wired it all to blow in a sort of eye for eye revenge. We managed to get a good portion of their supplies before taking out their camp and attracting every zombie in a three mile radius to their location, which will surely take care of the mess.

With things seemingly under control I figured I should be able to share a tip this week. Today I’ll talk about methods to help reinforce your defenses or repair a wall, like in our case.

The method we used once we pushed zombies out enough to do some work was a bit of dynamite to make a hole in the ground around the breach. We did this on the outside of the wall that was big and wide enough to cover the breach, not letting any more zombies to get in. They would keep falling in the hole, making it easy to burn them and giving us time to fix the wall using a mixture of brick, wood all sorts of materials.

Ideas to help your defenses are going to cover methods you can use to prevent zombie incursions and also tips on how to deal with other survivors that might happen upon you. For defensive methods build traps with pits, explosive mines (if you have the explosives to do so) and fishing line and cans to make noise. When allowing survivors into your community or safe zone it’s good not to trust them completely as you don’t know their intentions. Always watch them, take any weapons they might have and lock them up for good measure. It may seem harsh measures to take, but with what happened here you can never be too safe as you and the people around you matter first in the survival game.

Have a lot of cleanup work to get done and funerals to be had. Until next week keep surviving.