Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Bit by bit things are getting better around here with all the pieces being picked up and a lot of rebuilding to finish as well. It’s been a quiet week with minimal zombie activity near us, but with recent events I have been sending out scouts further just to keep an eye out. You never know where danger is going to come from next; with bandits and zombies pretty much everywhere you really can't ever get a break it seems. So far around here we have gotten the wall reinforced where the breach occurred and even worked in a few surprises to any more would-be saboteurs. Never came to mind that there is something worse out there then zombies, but the living that prey on each other are ten times worse, as if humans are to make it we all need to work together.

News is up now and let me look over what’s been happening from other spots. Got a report out of Hawaii that a few of the safe zones they had set up have been infected and overran with survivors fleeing to the more far flung island northwest of Honolulu. The Marine Corps base located on the island has also been breached with the forces that were there have been helping evacuate people and setup a new base in the Moloaa Forest Preserve. A couple of boats are heading out from Guam to the islands to help out and resupply them as well until the survivors there become self-sufficient. The forces coming from Guam are actually doing pretty well there since it wasn’t too populated and they have managed to fend off ships carrying zombies onboard from making landfall. Don’t have any more news for this week so let us get to the tip.

Last week I talked about how to use a car’s trunk lid or the hood as wall material or make a shield out of. Today I will talk about using other parts of a car to aid you in fighting zombies.

First up tires. These can be used when you get them off of the rim and cut it to make a long strip. This long strip you can use to wrap around your legs or arms for added protecting against a zombies bite and tie the sides of the tire back together with chain or rope threaded through the tire. You could just about make a whole set of armor out of tires to protect you, but the trade off is a hit to your mobility if you have to make a long run for it.

The materials from the seats can also be used for the same sort of thing since good majority of cars have either leather or vinyl seats that can be tough for a zombie to bite through. This material will be easier for you to thread rope or a material to keep it tight and closed from prying hands. Also it’s a lot lighter to wear as well and you can wear it under your clothes too, letting it be a last line of defense. Plus it can be used as bedding either to lay on or as a blanket to when you manage to find a safe place to rest.

There you have it for this week, until next week remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.