The Hidden S at Bergen Street Comics

The Hidden S (AKA Mark Rhodes) attended King Con this past Sunday at the Brooklyn Lyceum in the borough of the same name. While in the neighborhood, my wife and I stumbled upon the nicest and most elegant comic book store we have ever seen. The store, Bergen Street Comics, located in the achingly hip Park Slope section of Brooklyn, is owned and operated by husband and wife Tom and Amy Adams (a real sweetie pie to us by the way). The store is about a year old and will hopefully signal a new approach to comic retailing that stresses good interior aesthetics. With its good lighting, comfortable seating and black walls Bergen Street Comics seems much more like a gallery or a high end museum gift shop than a comics store (indeed the walls contain at present original art by Jen Ferguson). While I was there, Amy was particularly helpful, helping me find the newest issue of Doc Savage and a couple of other titles buried among their many interesting titles. Not surprisingly, the store also had the most interesting assortment of independent and underground comics that I have seen (again, no surprise seeing the assortment of interesting artists and interesting stuff at King Con just around the corner). Most of all, this kind of place reminds one of the comfort and beauty of printed matter in the age of iPad an Kindle. If this is the future of comic book stores there is much to be optimistic and happy about... Bergen Street Comics 479 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 T: 718.230.5600 S


  1. I love the artwork on the wall, especially the yeti-ish image to her immediate right.

  2. you have a good eye-check the Jen Ferguson link in the story for more of the same...


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