New Arrivals: November 17, 2010

We're one week away from gorging ourselves on that loving Thanksgiving dinner. Here's a thought? How about gorging yourself on new comics this week and next (and every Wednesday for that matter) to feed that insatiable urge for comic reading? Still with me? Great. Have I got a comic for you!

The Night & Fog TPB is written by Alex Leung and Matt Bradford and illustrated by Roberto Castro, Tomas Aira and Stephane de Caneva (published by Studio 407). An experiment in black-ops bioengineering facility leads to a freak accident that turns the inhabitants of a nearby village into a horde of rampaging creatures. That would be great as it is, but of course the survivors discover that the transformation is just the start of something more horrific.

$17.99 for the book and interiors are below.


New Arrivals: November 17, 2010