Review - Harbor Moon

A lot of horror movies or books focus on a small town or family with a deadly secret that spells certain doom for any who finds out. These secrets help set the tone and overall nature of what’s going on and give characters more of a story. The graphic novel Harbor Moon doesn't stray too far from the formula, as it has a deadly secret for any who might stumble upon a small Maine town.

If you couldn’t guess from the title this book is all about werewolves, but with a compelling story that shows a different side of them. The focus is on a man named Tim who receives a mysterious phone call from a man claiming to be his father and telling him to come to Harbor Moon, Maine, so they can finally meet. Only when Tim gets there the man Andrew is nowhere to be seen and needless to say the locals are none to friendly towards outsiders, especially ones who ask questions about certain people.

As Tim explores the town and attempts to find out what happened to Andrew he learns more more about his past in addition to what this small town is keeping tight-lipped about. In addition to those that don’t want Tim to know the truth, a secret brotherhood of werewolf hunters is also on the trail, looking to rid the world of any and all werewolves.

Harbor Moon is a tale of folks just making a living as quietly and secluded as they can for the good of themselves and for all others as well. Don’t get me wrong- this novel packs in the action and blood with the artwork really bringing it to life but it doesn't over the top.

Although at times I did feel the panels were a little too dark making the scene a little hard to discern. That was my only real gripe with the graphic novel, but for the most part I really enjoyed the art as it has really vibrant colors that pop out at you and bring the action to life. It's also nice to see a story with a different take on werewolves; it was a good one and I hope they flesh out this series even more.

Published by Arcana Comics, Harbor Moon features Ryan Colucci and Dikran Ornekian as the writers and art by Pawel Sambor and Nikodem Cabala. This team really brings the story to life that creator Brian Anderson envisioned. The book was an enjoyable read and the story was a compelling one with artwork conveying the dark nature of it beautifully.


  1. I'll have to check this out. It's always fun to see what the rest of the world thinks of us up here in Maine.


  2. so long as Maine isn't overrun with Werewolves trying to tear my flesh off, bet Maine is a pretty nice place.

  3. It is. We might talk funny and send you off on a wild goose chase when you ask us for directions, but we're pretty harmless otherwise.

  4. Hey, that is sort of what happens in Harbor Moon! The lead shows up to town and they try to send him off on a wild goose chase, but he's pretty persistent. Haha.

    Hope we do your state proud.


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