Rob Liefeld Onslaught Unleashed Variants

Personally, I felt that the first appearance of Onslaught way back in the day was somewhat overhyped and underwhelming. The idea of Onslaught as the mental manifestation of Professor X and the physical manifestation of Magneto was awesome in theory, but not as cool in execution. For whatever reason though, Marvel has decided to bring him back against the teaming of Secret Avengers and Young Allies. The book hits stores in February and you can check out Rob Liefeld's variant covers above and after the jump.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at superstar artist Rob Liefeld’s stunning Onslaught Unleashed variant covers! Featuring the return of one of Marvel’s most powerful villains and an epic team-up between the Secret Avengers and the Young Allies, Onslaught Unleashed will shock fans when it hits store shelves in February!