The Walking Dead a Hit

It’s tough to take a franchise successful in one medium and transfer it to another as usually they don’t pan out all too well. From comics or games being turned into movies or vice versa a lot of them are unable to capture what truly makes them great in the first place. The new AMC series The Walking Dead based of the freaking awesome Robert Kirkland comic series managed to be done right and keep true to the source material. This past Sunday had the series premiere and they broke some records on this one with 5.3 million people viewing this first episode.

According to The Clicker the first episode had the highest number of viewers for any series premiere on cable so far this year and was the biggest for the network’s history also. I know I was on my couch the entire hour and a half to take in this epic beginning and even DVR’ed it just to watch it again as it was that good.

I was a little skeptical as to how they would adapt it to a TV show and whether it would retain that feel from the comics. Those people behind it managed to infuse that comic feel beautifully and I can’t wait until next week for more zombie action and survival. The episode had a great balance of introducing someone who might not of read the comics into the world full of the undead.


  1. I'm glad you posted this because I wanted someone to. This was probably the most riveting hour and a half of TV I've watched in a VERY LONG TIME. I was glued to the seat and couldn't even do the work I had in front of me until it was over. The sense of human emotion they showed, the action, the fantastic looking zombies...everything was great.

    I will give it this, there is no pleasant hook or comedy to cheer you up. I really haven't felt like this about a TV since the premiers of shows like Lost and Heroes...which all eventually lost steam.

    I really hope they can keep the raw emotion and pure sense of hopelessness going. I've read more than a few reviews that called this the best new show on TV period...and I'm having trouble arguing with that.

    AMC's original shows are really pretty outstanding. As a network they are pushing the envelope for what can be done on a non-pay extra channel.


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