Batman: Arkham City Trailer

It's rare that I find anything worth watching on SpikeTV these days. I guess I see the appeal for some of its audience but a lot of the stuff just doesn't resonate with me. On Saturday night the channel aired their Video Game Awards and one of the exclusive reveals was a new trailer for Batman: Arkham City. There are a few things of note (spoilers if you don't want to know anything about the game).

The trailer features Dr. Hugo Strange interrogating a law official, most likely the captain of the unit that sought to trap and capture Batman. This is interesting primarily because it's Hugo Strange, the rumored villain that Tom Hardy is slated to play in Dark Knight Rising. Obviously this is still a rumor at this point, but it's a little uncanny that both the next game and film would share a similar villain and might have been something intentionally planned by the suits at Warner Bros. They're trying to mimic the continuity that Marvel is creating in their multimedia universe, so it would be pretty convenient for the overlap to be there.

Being an avid gamer, it's readily apparent that most of the trailer is cut scenes, but regardless it's freaking beautiful. I really feel like Rocksteady is pushing the limits of the Xbox 360 and PS3 with this one and there are even some scenes where you would swear you were looking at Michael Keaton from Batman. This game will be a beauty to watch and it looks like they're better integrated Batman's gadgets into the gameplay. Not that it was a problem in the first one, but it's nice to see Batman gliding on this one and then shooting his grapple gun at an opponent on a rooftop.

The bigger questions here though are why was the unit trying to capture Batman when he stopped the Joker in the first one and saved Gotham? Further, how does Dr. Strange know that Batman is Bruce Wayne? These questions will most likely be answered in the game, but they give you tons to think about between now and Fall 2011. I don't think we'll find out why it's referred to as Arkham City when we know they live in Gotham City. Check out the trailer below and get a napkin handy for the excess drool.


  1. now that's the best pic I've seen yet for this game. The images with Batman and Catwoman were good, but this one is just amazing.


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