Defense with the BoomPick

New comics, new comics, new comics is what we have tomorrow! With Christmas only a few weeks away better stock up on those stocking stuffers now. Slew of comics coming out tomorrow and it was a little tough to pick only one for this week with lots of hardcover ones coming out and a volume or two. For today I went with an oldie sort of character from Marvel going for a whole new adventure. The character I speak of is none other then Captain America himself starring in a new series Captain America & the Korvac Saga #1.

Written by Ben McCool and penciled by Craig Rousseau the book aims to bring the Captain back to the fight in a dramatic way. Captain America has been frozen for decades and now unthawed to help fight injustice and evil in the modern age. This makes him the old man of the group as the Cap is learning to fight with heroes quite different from him and learning about the world in the process. For some reason Captain America feels a divine connection with a man named Korvac, but doesn’t know why or who he is. All of this sets up an adventure the likes of which Captain America hasn’t ever seen before.